Friday, 17 October 2014

Caption 493: Female Orgasm Denial

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  1. Anon -

    You agreed to this relationship. You came to me. You sought me out, searched until you thought you had found the one who could be what you needed.

    You wanted me to control you, to serve as your guide and your master, to drag you through the intensity, the awareness of life and each passing moment, the ever-present Now and hyper-awareness of self that denial brings.

    I failed you.

    But I will not fail you again.

    You WILL experience everything that you sought me for. I will not let your own weakness deny you this awakening again.

    We are on this journey together, side by side, locked together. And no matter what your old self, your old weakness, tries to divert us, I will not fail you again.

    Your true journey begins this moment.

    Cherish your need. It will be your life for a very, very long time.