Thursday, 30 October 2014

Caption 497: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Ohhh, this one was just amazing, I would so love to be in her predicament!

  2. Anon -

    Another pleasant predicament. :)

    Makes you wonder if she is really forgetting to set her alarm, or if part of her is deliberately sabotaging herself to maximize her exposure and humiliation. After all, in addition to forgetting the alarm, something made her sleep in such exciting clothing and made her heels the only convenient footwear

    If six hours of walking outside is Saturday's task, it makes me wonder what the other tasks are. Presumably, since her first reaction on waking to the shocks was to run outside, every day's task likely involves her being outside her home.

    Saturday forces her to walk for six hours, likely without repeating her path (no walking back and forth in the back yard).

    Maybe other days force her to stand in a public place without moving more than 20 feet or so from her publicly exposed location for six hours. These places might change. Outside an art museum, a trashy bus stop, a street corner known for prostitutes, outside a high school, inside a dive bar or "special" club, alongside a secluded jogging path, in front of a church...

    Maybe another day she has to make physical skin-to-skin contact with a certain number of people. Her hands don't count, and the contact must last at least a certain amount of time to register.

    Or maybe she is "assigned" to a random (or not so random) stranger each day, forced to stay within a certain number of feet of them for six hours. These could be complete strangers, people chosen from an unknown list (like people in the know who register at a certain belt-servicing website), or even people from her personal contacts list (email, phone, etc.)

    Perhaps one day is Vitamin D day, where she has to have sunlight exposed on intimate place for six hours.

    Or more classic tasks like protein enrichment with a certain amount of sperm or pussy juice needing to be ingested.

    Given how the woman responds to exposure, I suspect her belt setting have been tailored for just that purpose. :)