Monday, 3 November 2014

Caption 498: Female Orgasm Denial

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  1. Anon -

    I could see a nice variation of this game show similar to "Deal or No Deal" with a selection of belts and rewards to initially choose from. The jackpot belt is similar to the one above, high cash reward and super short duration of locked teasing followed by release. The worst belt has no cash and is permanent with a super harsh unchangeable orgasmless torture regimen.

    The contestant chooses a belt at random and puts it on. She will not learn its settings and reward until the end of the show. She is then offered various trades. She can keep her belt settings and associated cash reward, or the one offered in trade. The stakes climb as the cash and settings of the unchosen belts are revealed one by one, changing the odds of what cash/settings she has already locked herself into and of how generous or harsh the offered alternatives become.

    Unless she accepts an offered trade, she will be stuck with whatever belt she chose at the beginning.

    Now imagine such a game. The woman has stubbornly refused all offers. As the cash and duration of the unsellected belts are revealed one by one, the offers of trade become worse and worse as good belts are discarded.

    Finally there are only two belts left, the one she is already wearing, and a single unrevealed belt. Through process of elimination, all the other combinations have been discarded except two. One of the two remaining belts is the jackpot belt, one million dollars and a single day of pleasant teasing followed by release. The other is the nightmare belt, no reward and an endless lifetime of the harshest programming imaginable with not chance of ever orgasming again.

    She is already wearing one of them. She won't know which one, until the nature of the unchosen belt is revealed. Given the polar opposite nature of the two belts remaining, she is offered a choice.

    She can either accept the fate of the belt she is wearing, or trade its settings for $5,000 and ten years of orgasm free torment.

    What does she do?