Monday, 10 November 2014

500th CAPTION SPECIAL! Captions 500-501: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    Christmas had finally come. The entire neighborhood had gathered for their own unique brand of celebration. She had floated around from orgy, to bdsm holiday display, to tantiric teasing torture twister. Everywhere she went she served as needed. Licking a clit here, being teased until she writhed as part of a display there, using her mouth and anus to pleasure a stream of passing cocks there.

    Wherever she went, everyone did their best to keep her on edge, trembling on the knife point of desire, her year-long denied orgasm hovering just out of reach. Each person she passed smiled and hinted at her coming present. That the entire association had come together to get her exactly what she needed most.

    Finally, the entire association gathered around her to give her her present. They handed her a tiny jewelry box. With trembling hands she held it up to one ear. The contents rattled inside as she shook it gently. Metallic. Small. Flat. Like a key.

    With juices of anticipation literally running down her legs, she opened the box, and saw the key.

    A house key.

    She fell to her knees, the weakness of her dashed expectations overcoming her.

    The couple that had first hired her to create their community approached her kneeling form, each putting a possessive hand on one of her shoulders.

    The man spoke, "We know that in your deepest heart, you want to become part of us, to join us and serve forever. So we all pitched in and bought you your own house here, right in the middle where you can be accessed easily and from where you can come serve us swiftly. We all have our own keys to your house of course. You will be open to us at any time for the rest of your life. You don't need to work any more, just live here and serve."

    The woman took over the explanation, "We know how much being denied and teased has meant to you. We've seen the desire-fueled joy in your eyes as you've found your true home here. We know you want to be filled with this feeling for the rest of your life. So your house key is special. We had it made by melting down your belt key along with the only memory chip containing your belt codes. You can never be released, and while we can tease you as much as we want, you can never cum again."

    The entire room circled around in close, filling her world with their presence.

    "Welcome home," they called out in unison.

  2. somehow, a twisted version Apu from the Simpsons' trademark Kwik-E-Mart farewell seems to be apt here, "Thank you, never cum again!"

  3. Thank you for all 500