Saturday, 8 November 2014

Caption 499: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    Her roots and breasts are as fake as her motives. I shall give her purity of purpose. Once she knows true need, true desperation, once her entire world collapses down to the singular focus of absolute submission in the desperate glimmer of hope of being allowed to come... then she will be true.

    Then, she will be ready to serve.

    1. Anon -

      And then, when she is at the peak of need and desire, I will release her, to try to make her own way in the world.

      I will destroy her release code and tattoo her command code upon her body where anyone who understands what it means can make use of it.

      She would have been a self-serving useless drain on society, now she will spend her life forced to serve other in the faint hope of getting what she needs so desperately.