Monday, 8 December 2014

Caption 505: Female Orgasm Denial

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  1. Anon -

    You did well hubby-sub. She'll do nicely.

    I was getting bored with the last one. I sent her off this morning. She thinks the envelope I gave her has her release codes in it, but if she types those numbers in it will activate a randomizer app, changing her code to some random number too long for anyone to ever guess in a hundred lifetimes. I told her to wait a year before typing in the code or else the belt would lock on permanently. I also told her that if she entered the wrong code, bad things would happen.

    I did warn her that if she ever tried to contact us again I'd override her belt and make her life a permanent living hell. Too bad for her that the app also randomizes her suffering. No chance to ever cum again of course, but also no permanent program that she could ever adjust to. When it starts torturing her, she's bound to think it was her fault for typing the code wrong.

    Well enough about our old playthings. I'm looking forward to trying out this one. I like it when they struggle against their situation. The panic in their eyes when I fondle the remote really gets my juices dripping.

    I think I'll let you out in a few months, just long enough for you to start seducing another.

    I wouldn't want to get bored with this new one and not already have a replacement waiting in the wings.