Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Caption 506: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    Another great match between photo and caption. :)

  2. Anon -

    She spends her days in a fog of denial-fueled fantasy, barely registering the world around her.

    What if the office manager received her belt codes in an anonymous email? How would he torment her? What would he make her do? Would he make her writhe in her cubicle, her knees too weak to stand, her legs slick with the juices of his diabolical teasing? Would he summon her to his office to service him?

    What if the code she'd been locked into all that long time ago had extra conditions built into them? Command words she has no idea exist that others might say in regular conversation. Sinister tease and denial programs that only kick in months or years after she has adapted to her current program.

    What if her belt malfunctioned during one of its automatic updates? Got stuck in permanent tease mode.

    What if the internal clock reset and her weekend teasing suddenly started happening in the middle of the work week? Or if it reset the counter on her eventual release?

    What if Jill in the next cubicle secretly had her key codes? Did Jill know how much she suffered every weekend and enjoyed watching her squirm during the week? Jill seemed to smile knowingly every time she passed by. Did Jill masturbate all weekend to thoughts of her trapped at home being teased and denied? What would she be willing to do for Jill for just one chance at changing her fate? Crawl into her cubicle right now and slip her head under Jill's skirt to lap at her folds while everyone walked by?

    Why was everyone leaving the office? Was it time to go home already? She hadn't done anything all day but fantasize and soak her office chair.

    She gets up for the subway ride home.

    The vibrations of the train seat mix with fantasies about the strangers around her, keeping her in edge-induced fog all the way home. The same way they do every single work day...