Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Caption 517: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    The domme was about to close the webpage remote control panel for her former sub's belt. She gave the settings one last look over.

    Maybe they were too harsh, but just thinking about the settings she'd chosen filled her with righteous satisfaction and made her dripping wet. All the affection she'd built for her former lover had turned to loathing. All that secret cock, and she hadn't even taken the precaution of keeping her screwing around clean. She deserved everything she got.

    She was about to close the page when she notice one last group of settings.

    Did she want to be notified whenever her sub used up one of her precious ten orgasms? That sounded like fun. She signed up for the app that would let her see how many orgasms her former sub had remaining.

    While she was at it, a perverse part of her made her click on the cock-counting feature as well that would give her the running total of cocks her former sub sucked off. While she couldn't stand the thought of a cock touching her herself, she got a perverse thrill of imagining her former lover on her knees serving cock after strange cock.

    Anniversary feature? What was that? She read the description. Did she want the option to take control of her former sub's tease/torture program every anniversary? That sounded like fun. She set it up so that the app would remind her ahead of time to give her time to come up with an especially torturous routine.

    Final Revenge? What was that? She read the description. Oh that was horrid. She selected the Final Revenge option and closed out the window.

    As she left the room to find herself another lover, she wondered how her former sub would feel when she finally decided to trigger what she thought would be her very last orgasm ever, only to discover that it would tease her for six hours straight and end with a ruined orgasm before locking her away from cumming ever again.

    1. Anon, I don't get the time to comment on all your little extra stories, but trust me they are appreciated and I enjoy reading them.

      But this one is so deliciously cruel I had to make time, 'final revenge' LOVE IT. Wish I had thought of it...

    2. Anon -

      Thanks Chuckthrill. :)

      As I've said before, we all really appreciate your taking the time and effort to put these together and your willingness to share them. If I can show my appreciation by riffing a little bit on the side on the themes you've laid down, I'm glad you take my additions as the homage they are.

      Thanks again for keeping this site going. You are appreciated (such an inadequate word). :)

  2. love the capion and anon's follow up both very cruel the way i like it.