Thursday, 22 January 2015

Caption 518: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    Oh come on, who'll know? It's a Rush week contest and I know you've got that itch.

    Look, I know you and your flatmate are going on a "girls only" holiday soon. Two weeks without cock. This'll keep you satisfied until you get back. Come on. Lisa pulled more than fifty last time, I bet you can double that and win for us. It'll be be fun. Like old times...

    It'd been six hours and she'd lost herself in the blissful feel and smell of cock and cum. Deciding to put the belt on before coming over had been a stroke of genius. It kept her on edge the whole time, and it kept the boys from getting too frisky. Another hour or so and they should have the record in the bag, then she could wash up and meet up with Abi none the wiser.

    She couldn't wait to get home and get the belt of so that she could finally release the edge that had been building up all night. She could barely stand it...

    1. Not really matter for any number greater than 12...

    2. Anon -

      Heh :)

      Quite true. Just exaggerated for effect.

      That, and you can imagine an exhausted Jen coming home and getting the message. She's furious and scared of course, knowing she's just sucked off 100 men. In her befuddled state, she tries to do the math and thinks it's 100x the one week duration. While the thought of two whole years of torment without an orgasm sounds like an eternity, at least it's survivable.

      Then someone explains the doubling aspect to her...

      2^100 = 2.44 x 10^23 years... or, you know 250 trillion times the 10 billion year expected lifetime of our sun.

      That's a bit of a long wait. :)

    3. It may cause an overflow. Let hope that the belt will open when it found there are only −2,147,483,648 weeks left.

  2. As an engineer, if you tell me something can’t be done or is impenetrable I take it as a challenge. I’m curious to know what women have used to try and remove the TTcB before the interment period is over. (Especially in cases of permanent orgasm denial.) Assuming metal construction, things like Vaseline, bolt cutters, files and Dremel tools (angle grinder?) are just some of the possibilities. Does the TTcB have any defense mechanisms? What about hacking the computer control?

    1. Well... Even if the belt is unbreakable, meat isn't. You can insert objects subcutaneously. A vibrating probe, for example. If the belt shock wearer electrically, a insulating pads can help.
      And with laparoscopy, larger objects can be inserted.
      Unless the belt will kill the wearer when it detect so. But I don't think the killing belt a good design.

    2. And deep brain stimulation can be the last resort.

    3. I was trying to keep it low tech and without blood; but those work too. Just some ideas.

  3. Anon -

    One would imagine that any attempt at removing a belt inappropriately would have dire consequences for the wearer. At a minimum, the belt could stun or even destroy nerves as it's being tampered with.

    What's better, a lifetime of teasing and edging, or genitals with no sensation at all?

    And that's putting aside the fact that much of a belt's control over its wearer swiftly changes from physical to mental as the wearer becomes conditioned.

    Successfully take the belt off someone who has been trapped in a regimen for years, and they may very well continue to experience its effects as their conditioned subconscious mind has them trapped in the same series of feelings and responses....


    The belt is just a physical symbol of control imposed from the outside. In this fantasy it is assumed the belt cannot be removed or circumvented, otherwise, the fantasy would have little power.

    In the real world it is a cruel twist of fate that due to anatomy, the best and most easily created genital control devices are made for men and the best and most easily created orgasm stimulation devices are made for women.

    This exact opposite of so many here's dreams.

    We dream of these belts, and play with the consequences, for our own fantasies and amusement. But in the real world, the best belts are formed in the mind between two willing partners.

    May all who wish to be in such a pairing find each other and the bliss they deserve. :)

    1. Very well said Anon, and very true.

      But maybe one day they will invent some form of nerve blocking implant or longer lasting numbing gel and some form of enforced denial can be created...

      Any readers who are both kinky and scientists willing to make this a reality? ;)

      And on the subject of TTcB security, I may put together a caption to clarify things... but lets just say they are very secure and attempted escape is not wise...


    2. Anon -

      Thanks MC.

      I know they currently have the opposite, implants that tap into the base of the spine that can induce orgasm at the touch of a button. They are used for those that are incapable of orgasming normally due to damage or defects.

      Perhaps this technology can be harnessed for a different purpose...