Thursday, 29 January 2015

Caption 520: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I'm quite sure, she is really really horny already. So, I guess she would rather ruin her career with a lame excuse...

  2. Or, this could be a great way for all her fantasies to come (cum?) true at once. She could tell the CEO, and beg to become His sub/slave. Being the sub/slave of the CEO would be a great way to ensure her job security, right? Plus, it would fulfill her orgasm control/denial fantasies. Why else would someone lock a TTcB on themselves?

  3. Anon -

    "Are you all right? You look a little shaky and pale."

    The CEO looked at her as they stood on stage. It took her entire force of will to keep her legs from collapsing under her. She was already having to slide her thighs back and forth against each other to smear all the juices that threatened to flow down her legs into view beneath her short skirt.

    Just forty-five more minutes. The edges were more intense now and coming closer together. She knew from experience that they would become almost constant and escalate to completely unbearable in less than fifteen minutes. Normally she would be sprawled out on her bed, or the floor, when that happened, abandoning all restraint and just letting her body thrash uncontrollably. But not tonight. If she could just lock her knees and keep her glazed eyes focused on the back of the current speaker's head, she might just could survive this.

    The belt kicked to to the next increment of teasing. She let out in unconscious moan. Her fingers crawled across her belly toward the forfeit button. She could end all her suffering with a simple bit of pressure on the tiny knob. Twenty-four hours of un-teased bliss would be hers... then a year of diabolical torment with no hope of orgasmic release.

    She pulled her fingers back from her belly, which was spasming in time visibly now with the belt's stimulations. She took another shuddering breath, and tried not to think of having to walk up to the podium behind the CEO in a few minutes, the spotlight on both of them, two thousand pairs of eye watching her tremble...

    The CEO watched her from the side as she suffered. She had no idea that the entire executive staff knew all about her belt settings. They'd timed the award ceremony deliberately, having access to her "random" settings.

    He chuckled to himself. If she managed to survive tonight, they'd be sure to schedule her promotion interview for her next teasing time. Maybe even schedule the end of the meeting for her reward orgasm. It would be fantastic to watch her fight the belt and try to suppress her own orgasm thinking her job was on the line.

    With that pleasant thought in mind, he secretly rooted for her as he pressed on the small of her back, guiding her toward the podium. He felt every tremble through the thin fabric of the dress, watched every wobbling step of her too high heels. He'd keep his hand there the whole time, all the better to feel her struggles.