Monday, 2 February 2015

Caption 521: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Anon -

    And the truest reveal of her own nature was that she was alone , and the voice demanding she choose, was her own mind...

  2. Anon -

    Her heart hammered in her chest. Her wrists were slick in their shackles where she had hung as her lover had teased her mercilessly. Her pussy still twitched with unanswered need from their four hour session.

    She could not take her eyes off the gleaming steel he held in his hands. Her mind was paralyzed. Her breath came in ragged shallow gasps as he started walking across the floor in slow measured steps. He clit jumped with each metronomic step.

    Her rational mind screamed at her to say the safe word. That three years would ruin her. Her job, her friends, her entire life as she knew it would would be gone, never to be regained. Even her mind, her very sense of self, would be forever altered by the experience of being under the belt's control. She HAD to call out her safe word. It was the only rational choice.

    But her rational self's pleading was a chained thing in the dark corner of her mind. Her entire body quivered at the thought of what she might experience if she held her tongue. To be so fully and irrevocably controlled by another. To experience all her deepest secret fantasies, even the insane never-to-be-contemplated ones. Her mouth was dry at the thought and juices ran down her legs.

    Her lover, no, her master, strode forward. Each measured step sending another spasm through her cunt. Each footfall timed to give her time, time to think of what was happening, what might be, and what the repercussions of her choice would be.

    He was three feet away. Her entire body was slick with sweat.

    Two feet, her belly started to visually flutter.

    One foot, her legs gave out from under her.

    He was bending over, the steel in his hands.

    She bit her tongue almost to the point of bleeding, her mind and soul at war in her skull.

    The feel of his hands and the cool steel sliding across her waist.

    The safe word was right on the edge of her tongue. Her breath was as ragged and rapid as her hammering heart.

    He was reaching between her legs. The back of his hand against her sex almost brought her to the brink.

    Now, now!! Her mind screamed. In an instant it would be too late.

    She felt herself draw breath to call out...

    And the belt clicked home.

    Her cunt exploded. It cried out for release, teetering on the knife edge of cumming, A ruined orgasm, brought by the last touch of his skin, and the embrace of steel that would be her world for the next three years, and maybe far more.