Monday, 16 February 2015

Caption 523: Female Orgasm Denial

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  1. Anon -

    Hmm... Sucking three loads out of a man in a day is quite doable, meaning that if the ball gag stayed in for a month, it might be impossible for the second place girl to ever catch up. Maybe change that penalty to a week, OR pair it with something else.

    Perhaps the woman wearing the ring gag is constantly teased while sucking cock. The teasing become ever more powerful and insistent as the sucking goes on, until she is almost incapacitated and unable to focus.

    The master would make a rule that if she ever lets the cock fall out of her mouth, he will finish in her ass.

    Increase the stimulation until she can't control her limbs after five minutes.

    The ring gagged girl will be desperate to give the best possible blow job, trying to get her master off before she loses control. Whether or not she makes it, he will be assured of the finest mouth fuck possible.

    And of course, the woman in the ball gag can help stimulate the ring gagged woman while she is trying to suck her master's cock. Ball gagged girl can tease nipples, rub her hands in all the right places, anything she can think of to distract the ball gagged woman with unrequited stimulation.

    The ball gagged woman can also make a point of doing everything she can to entice her master to fuck her in the ass, wearing the perfect clothing, posing provocatively, even trying to seduce him as he wakes. She'll want to give the most sensual and satisfying ass fucks possible as often as she can so that her master will be too worn out to use the ring gagged woman's mouth.

    Yeah, keep the month duration, but add the teasing to the ring gagged woman, then sit back and enjoy the best possible blow jobs and ass fucks your submissive can provide. You'll spend your days in bliss, and they'll spend theirs in never ending practice in the oral and anal arts.