Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Caption 533: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. Why would she look pale & worried? She now has a new slave for the next 2.5 years or so, right? Shouldn't she instead have a glazed, but excited look on her face, as She decides what to do with Her new, albeit accidental, acquisition?

  2. In my fantasy, there is another scenario. What if the girl has two belts?
    She always loved denial, but she often felt lonely while in her belt - being the only one denied while all other girls enjoyed orgasm after orgasm. So, she imagined how it would be to suffer alongside another girl, who weares a belt with the same settings. They could share their experiences, but also frustrated hugs and kisses. She bought a second belt and programmed her own, so that it would be re-setted with the settings of the other, once someone would wear it. However, until now she hadn't had the courage to ask another girl. So, the second belt lied in her room, unused.
    Now there was good and bad news for her: Finally, she had found a denial sister. However, her longest time withouth an orgasm was three months. Now, she would have to go much longer. Will that be worth the experience of shared denial?

  3. Anon -

    With slightly shaking hands she pulled the small jewelry box from the closet. She’d meant to lock the belt on herself and offer the box to her roommate, having had a secret crush on her for two years.

    The box held a simple chrome ring. With it, the wearer could modify the belt’s settings, but only in two ways. One button on the ring teased the belt wearer for as long as the button was pressed, and the other button gave the belt wearer an orgasm, the only way she could orgasm with the belt on once the initial program was set.

    Of course, any ring-induced orgasms added another month to the timer on the belt’s release date.

    She’d planned to work up her courage by denying herself in the belt for a month or two before trying to seduce her roommate and convince her to take control of the ring, and of her.

    Now, she toyed with the ring and the dilemma her roommate presented to her.

    Did she want to switch and become the master and make her roommate her denied obedient pleasure slave…

    …or did she reach back into the closet for her dream second package. The one containing a second belt and linked ring that she had fantasized one day to place around her roommate after her roommate had controlled her and fallen for her.

    The idea of two belted women, each wearing a ring that could tease or pleasure the other, all while endlessly prolonging the other’s suffering made her so wet, the juices were running down her leg.

    Each struggling to dominate and torture the other while dealing with their own denial-infused passions.

    Her mind made up she turned to her flushed-faced confused roommate…