Saturday, 30 May 2015


I'm not gone, but I'm too busy/lacking in inspiration to keep posts up at the moment.

Hopefully back soon,


  1. Anon -

    Your posts are worth the wait. :)

    Don't sweat it. We'll be here when you're ready.

  2. Then I won't unlock *your* TTcB until you start putting up some new posts. How's that for inspiration? LOL just kidding, take care, and I echo the above sentiment: these captions are certainly well worth the wait. Being that these are posts related to delayed gratification, the anticipation will, no doubt, make your return all the more enjoyable.

  3. Take care - we look forward to your return.

  4. We will miss you! And for every week you don't post, that's a month on your TTcB!

    1. Maybe that's the point? Maybe our beloved captioneer is trying to top from the bottom, and get more time added to his TTcB sentence? LOL Maybe MC is the person who was described in the preceding caption, and this "fake" TTcB is all a red herring... Well played, MC, well played... ;)

  5. Anon -

    ...and this is the hit counter for this blog entry. It's tied into your belt settings. All automatic.

    Every hit or refresh is five minutes of teasing.

    Each comment is an hour of edging.

    Every one hundred hits is a week added to your belt timer.

    We judge the success of each page by your reactions.

    Just from seeing you twitching there, I'd say this blank page has had more hits than any of our others to date...

    I wonder what would happen if we accidentally leaked your settings to them? What would you be willing to do to keep us from doing that? Come now. See if you can drag your twitching self across the floor over here and show me. My finger is on the SEND key right now...

  6. Take your time, my wife won't get another orgasm until we see another post from you. Let me tell you she is already desperate. And I am loving it.

  7. I'd recommend the endless year buffer system. Instead of posting content as you create it, you save it, and post the oldest saved content at a rate that you have a years worth of posts saved.

    50 posts saved, post one per daily. Only 6 left? Wait 2 months between posts... Etc. So even if you stop creating for several months/years, your post rate will gradually slow down, but not stop. It takes the pressure off, stops posts coming in fits & spurts.

    1. Hmm... sounds like something I should try implementing as well. I've had lots of down periods lately, thanks to real-life issues. I usually just post new content as I create it.

      - B-Rex

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  9. Thank you for all the kind comments folks!

    I am still busy but getting little bits of inspiration so hoping to write some soon.

    Maybe your wife would like to write a comment for us, telling us about her denial? I'm sure the readers would enjoy it and it may give me inspiration, possibly leading to an orgasm for her a little sooner...

    That endless buffer sounds great, I kinda do it manually by putting posts once a week once I've written 10 or so in an evening. Is it something I can easily add to my blog?

    Stay horny people,

  10. Anon -

    She could no longer move, only lay there amidst the tangled mess of sweaty sheets, her eyes fixed on the counter filling half the screen.

    Each ticking second sent the faintest of touches to her hyper-sensitive folds. Like a lover's outstretched finger just out of reach pressing almost imperceptibly with his every heartbeat.

    It was far far worse torture than any she'd ever experienced before. At first the touches had been so light as to be unnoticeable, but as the hours had dragged into days, and the days into weeks, her flesh had become agonizingly sensitive such that now every micro touch felt light a lover's kiss upon her desperate folds, like a nail dragged along her locked away passage.

    It had seemed such a simple thing. The settings almost dismissive. The belt would unlock as soon as she came.

    She'd set the frequency of the stimulations to it fastest setting, once per second, and linked it to the timer for her favorite site.

    Not wanting the game to be over too soon, she'd set the stimulations to their lowest settings, feather-light strokes of eyelashes. She thought she would really have to focus on the barely there stimulations to come before the next update, so at first she had done everything she could to build her body's responsiveness. If only she had known.

    She had no idea how long it had been. All sense of time was lost to her. Her waking moments were filled with anguished writhing as the never ending stimulations made her inflamed sex thrum, like drops of dripping water torturing her sex. Even her desperately snatched moments of unconsciousness were filled with fever dreams of the endless soft strokes keeping her ever on edge.

    Even in her dreams, it was never enough.

    Her only hope was the website. She’d built in a bit of a safety, a special treat for herself if she had managed to make it to the end of the update without cumming. The instant the site updated, her belt would give her ten powerful stimulations, once per second for ten seconds. If she could cum before the tenth “chime”, the belt would unlock. Otherwise it would stay locked, only without any stimulation, until the next update when it would all start over again.

    She lay their tangled in the sweat-soaked sheets, her eyes glued to the timer, her body spasming in time with the counting seconds. Desperately willing the site to update that she might have a chance at release

  11. Anon -

    No pressure. :)