Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Caption 535: Female Orgasm Denial


  1. I'm so pleased you found a good picture to go along with my description. She almost does me justice.

    1. Well played anonymous commenter, well played!

  2. This particular Caption deserves a follow up - the Further Adventures of Pleasuretaker!

  3. Anon -

    Thirty-seven down.

    Thirty-seven edges drawn from the prolonged denial torture of unsuspecting women.

    Each anonymous victim writhing endlessly in permanent denial brought her the briefest moment of desperately needed stimulation.

    Only sixty-three more victims to go, before she could finally spasm in the throws of her own passion.

    Only nine hundred sixty-three more until the steel at her waist unlocked.

    Would she have clicked the lock on is she had known how much suffering she would have to spread for her own pleasure?

    Would she have clicked the lock is she had known how much she would come to crave each secret seduction?

    The deceptive dance had wrapped itself around her mind and her own need now to the point that she craved it all on its own.

    She pushed open the club door with an eager hunger she never would have imagined, her cunt spasming in time with the pounding beat.

    This was her all now, the hunt was her life. She craved neither freedom nor release, only the sight of her next victim...

  4. Is it just me, or does that picture look like Alicia Keys?