Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Captions 560-562: Denied Girls of London

Inspired by the Humans Of 'Insert City' . . . 


  1. Great to see you back.

    A long time ago I suggested something which IIRC I called the "permanent one year backlog", or something similar, you asked if it was an automated thing, or what, and I don't think I replied, so I'mma outline it here. The idea is to keep posting reasonably consistent with content creation rate, to avoid the panic/pressure of having nothing to post.
    Not that having 2 posts in 2 days is something I'm complaining about, but the system would have one post every 3 months, rather than nothing for 6 months then 2 at once.

    Essentially, when you make content to post, you save it instead of posting immediately, and post content depending on how much content you've got that your "backlog" will always last a year. It smooths out fits and spurts of creativity, takes the pressure/guilt of not having posted/created in ages away, and is better for your fans 'cos they know roughly when to expect next post...sometimes it'll speed up, sometimes it'll slow down.

    Simply put, whenever you make new content, or post something you've been saving, you check how many posts [worth of content, maybe it's one cap per post, maybe you want similar themes or series together, whatever] you've got saved ready to post, and depending how many you've got, see how much of a gap there should be between actually posting content. You don't need to do complex maths or worry about being precicise, ya can just use the following. Obviously this is just a suggestion, but I've seen a lot of creators like you worrying about posting frequency, and a lot of viewers (okay, me, here) checking back every day or two even on blogs that haven't posted in months...I reckon this'd help.

    1 it one year after previous post.
    2 : 6 months
    3 : 4 months
    4 : 3 months
    5-8 : 2 months
    9-15 : 1 month
    16-24 : 3 weeks
    25-40 : 2 weeks
    41-70 : one week
    71-100 : 4 days
    101-200 : 3 days
    200-300 : 2 days
    300+ : every day
    500+ : hooray, just keep posting until there's less than 500...

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I think I remember your previous comment as well.

      I have actually been using a similar system. In the past there was a long period on the blog where I posted once a week or sometimes twice. This was using a timed post. Once I've made captions I tend to post them with pre timed posts so I didnt need to worry, then new captions I just added on the end. The issue is I have made so little in the last year that I end up posting one or two times then drying up again. When/if I make enough captions to time my posts I will do again.

      Lets hope that I stay inspired this time, everyone's comments are certainly helping!

  2. Vacuum mattress ... Shudder ... That screams for a follow up caption.