Sunday, 10 July 2016

Happy Birthday Ellie : Captions 563-567

For those of you not aware of the situation (those that do not read the comments), a brief explanation is in order.

A few weeks ago a girl called Ellie commented on a previous post and begged for more captions. Her Master keeps her in a chastity belt and she has not had an orgasm since her birthday on 10th July 2015. If I didn't post three caption posts before her birthday she would not get to orgasm for another year.

It is a strange position for me to be placed in, but Ellie has been very obliging in entertaining me and my readers with her own blog posts and pictures. As such I have decided to post enough captions for her to earn release.  Though I never promised they wouldn't be devious captions all about Ellie . . .

 A note to Ellie's Master: please allow Ellie to keep posting to let us all know the outcome of this. I am impressed by what she has told of you so far, maybe you could get inspiration for her next denial from one of these captions . . .


  1. Obedient Lorelei10 July 2016 at 05:02

    She had just finished washing and putting away the breakfast dishes wearing only her chastity belt when her Master said "It's time."

    A shudder ran through her nearly naked body as, needing no second urging, she ran to her room and lay outstretched upon the bed. Her Master followed seconds later and began to firmly bind her limbs to the bedstead—this would prove necessary later.

    She moaned softly as he carefully removed her belt, her body already responding in anticipation of his touch. Slowly, he ran his hands over her neck, arms, ribs, hips, thighs, everywhere except those places where she most craved his touch. Noticing her breathing increase in tempo, he told her to remain calm—they had a long way to go today.

    He teased her for an hour with words and caresses before he even touched her breasts, then for another hour he worked his way slowly to her aureoles and the stiff, aching nipples at their centre. By the time he had reached the swollen peaks, she was lying in a puddle of her juices and almost in tears of frustration.

    "Drink," he said suddenly, stepping off the bed. He walked around the bed to stand beside her head, an opened bottle of water in his hands, which he held to her lips. She drank.

    Again, he began to caress her, starting with her hair and moving agonizingly slowly over her whole body. She was silently shrieking for release by the time he reached her nether lips and he toyed with her passions for several more minutes before asking "Are you ready to edge?"

    She lost count of the number of times he edged her, each one taking her closer to the pinnacle of ecstasy as he used his experience of her body to wring from her the greatest passion she could muster.

    Again, he bade her drink and warned her that she would need her strength for what was to come, as he took from his pocket a dark silken blindfold.

    Without her sight, she had no idea how long he teased her, nor how long he kept her dangling on the edge. It felt as though her birthday had come and gone, and maybe the week after, too, by the time he removed the blindfold and looked into her eyes.

  2. Obedient Lorelei10 July 2016 at 05:03

    "Watch the clock," he told her. "Remember, you only have until midnight to cum, then it is no longer your birthday." The clock read 10p.m. She had been teased and edged for over twelve hours and yet she felt no hunger, other than the hunger for the orgasmic pleasure she had been denied the past year.

    This time, there was no slow build up as he set about her sex with abandon, using every skill he possessed to take her to the edge, closer than she had ever been before. As the minutes ticked by she began to beg, then scream for him to take her over the edge. She could not endure another minute of this torture, and yet she did.

    The numerals on the clock passed eleven, then eleven thirty and her exhausted frame shook with desperate need. The clock reached 11:45 and she began to babble incoherently, her voice hoarse from screaming. The clock arrived at 11:59 and her Master took her over the edge into an orgasm that took her breath away.

    Suddenly, he grabbed her thighs, pushing them further apart.

    "Relax your PC muscles," he commanded, "stop clenching!"

    Almost delirious with lust, she obeyed more from instinct than rational thought, and felt the pleasure which had been within her grasp flow out as if in a flood, replaced with a feeling of emptiness and loss. As spasms continued to wrack her body, she began to sob uncontrollably. Her Master quickly positioned himself so that he could take her head in his arms and stroke her hair reassuringly.

    "I'm sorry, pet, but you know it's for the best. We couldn't waste all that desperation you built up."

    As he spoke, his hands began to explore her sweat-slick flesh once more, finding her just as responsive as before, or perhaps even more so. His expert manipulations reignited her passion and she felt the familiar aching need consume her once more. She reached the edge quickly, hard and close, then again, and a third time.

    "I know it's difficult for you to concentrate right now, but we need to talk about your next period of denial," he whispered, keeping her on the brink. "I have decided to grant your request for eighteen months before your next orgasm, which will be just like this one."

    She began to whimper once again as she heard this.

    "Or, if you prefer, we could double your total length of chastity and at the end, I will make love to you and you may cum as many times as you can manage before I finish."

    "Yes, Master, that," she cried out, her voice breaking with relief.

    "Are you sure, pet? If you agree, there will be no backing out and I will make you go the five whole years without relief."

    "F-five? I thought..." Her voice trailed off, uncertainly.

    "I said we would double the whole period of your chastity: the past year plus the next eighteen months. Do you still want to wait that long?"

    "Yes, Master," she whispered. What did it matter, three years or five, anything was better than that horrible feeling of desolation the ruined orgasm had given her.

    "Good, pet. Now I want you to think about how many tasks you will have to perform for me over the next five years and I will be back soon to wash you, put you back in the belt and untie you."

    With a final kiss, he left his exhausted slave still throbbing with unfulfilled desire and began to conduct research into topical numbing agents, ready for her next release.

  3. I'm so turned on, the best birthday present I've ever received!!! Thank you so much. I'll be thanking you again tonight!

  4. No more comments? Normally this place is buzzing after a new post.

    My choice from the caption:

    D is out of the question. 50% chance of no more orgasms ever? No, thank you.

    I personally would be best off with C, because my orgasms can't be ruined. A friend of mine tried by tapping my clit with the end of a pencil until I edged, then stopping for a few seconds, then back to the edge, over and over, until I came during the rest period. That is, with no direct stimulation at all. But it still felt good.

    If I could be ruined, then B would be the best option, because I have heard that a woman's sexual peak is in her 40s.

    However, I have no patience, so I would choose A, which is definitely the worst option in the long run, but gives some satisfaction in the short term.

  5. Okay I'm back, and need your advice. The full story is on my blog. Master has dictated the new terms of my chastity to me. Eighteen months, but with the prospect of orgasms. If during fortnightly edging I roll the dice these are the odds.
    Roll 1-3 no orgasm, 4-5 ruined orgasm, 6 full orgasm.

    But I then have to roll again.
    Roll 1: no chance of orgasm for 12 months and chastity extended by 12 months;
    roll 2: no chance of orgasm for 9 months and chastity extended by 9 months;
    roll 3: no chance of orgasm for 6 months and chastity extended by 6 months;
    roll 4: no chance of orgasm for 3 months and chastity extended by 3 months;
    roll 5: no chance of orgasm for 1 month and chastity extended by 1 month;
    roll 6: no penalty.

    I want to orgasm but I don't want to be locked forever.

  6. If anyone hasn't read Ellie Denied's latest blog post, I highly recommend it. Very satisfying (for us).

    At first glance, the dice game looks very generous, but since each full orgasm will cost her on average over 2.5 years extra denial, I think it should word out quite well.

  7. First of all: great to see you posting again, I missed this.
    Second: Ellie, wow. I wish I was so bold to let somebody take control over my orgasm for so long even though I'm into denial. Good for you girl.

  8. Link to my blog post about what Master and I actually got up to on my birthday, in case anybody missed it.

    I've also written two updates since.

    Ellie x

  9. You still with us?

  10. Hope everything is ok, would love to see more of your work!!

  11. By the way I LOVE your work

  12. Happy new year and best wishes, hope you'll be back soon, we love your work ;-)

  13. Since there hasn't been a post here in almost six months and readers are suffering their own form of denial, I wondered how you would feel about fans producing their own derivative works (captioned images, short stories, illustrations, TV mini-series or whatever) based on the ODTC universe and posting them on other websites/blogs/etc.

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that you were happy for your images to be reblogged as long as there was proper attribution, but what about original work? Is it acceptable with a link here, without a link, only if you approve it before publication or not at all?

    If you reply to say you don't want anyone else dabbling in your world, someone might have to found a rival to the ODTC, otherwise I expect some ODTC material to be appearing elsewhere on the web over the next few months.

    Thank you for creating this world for us and I hope we hear from you soon.