Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Caption 591: Orgasm Denial Technology Company

More to come soon...


  1. Excellent news, my appetite for A Fork in the Road is never sated. Much like these women, locked in chastity, eager for one more release.

  2. The fine print matters.

    Thanks for the new series. It is great. I hope we hear about the senior staff soon.

  3. It might not even be in the fine print. A lot of people just see what they expect to read, even when it's in three inch high letters.

    Like this girl:

    1.1 Each applicant will be required to lock herself in a Tease Torture chastity Belt (henceforth "TTcB") provided by THE COMPANY prior to commencement of the Extended Interview Process (henceforth "The Interview").

    1.1.1 No orgasms will be permitted during The Interview.

    1.2 Upon completion of The Interview, a successful applicant will be authorized to receive a fixed number of orgasms, which will be administered by the TTcB at a time or times of her own choosing.

    1.2.1 The maximum number of orgasms permitted for a successful applicant is one million.

    1.2.2 The exact number of orgasms permitted for a successful applicant will be determined by her performance during and after The Interview.

    1.3 Positions are available at THE COMPANY carrying a starting remuneration of up to one hundred and forty-five thousand (145,000) per annum.

    1.3.1 The exact remuneration and duties for a position offered to a successful applicant will be determined by her performance during and after The Interview.

    1.4 Unsuccessful applicants, and those successful applicants who choose not to take up the position offered, may reapply in future rounds of recruitment without prejudice due to their previous performance.


    Most girls probably won't notice that:
    1 There is no mention of how long the "extended interview process" will last. After a few months (or years), she'll be more amenable to accepting ANY job offer, no matter how horrid, just to end the interview.
    2 It doesn't say that the TTcBs will ever be removed, whether the applicant is successful or not.
    3 No minimum salary or number of orgasms is listed.
    4 Salary and number of orgasms is determined by performance AFTER, as well as during, the interview. Therefore, she must continue to "impress" her supervisors throughout her career or risk having her orgasms reduced.

  5. You say more to come soon. Just as long as the poor ladies in your captions don't cum anytime soon.

  6. As others have said, always read the fine print. Good twist