Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Caption 592: Orgasm Denial Technology Company & Fame Fantasies

I think you kinky folk are going to enjoy this one, especially the text below. It started as a couple of examples then my imagination just kept on going...

Imagine what your favourite female celebrities could be hiding. What they could have agreed to for their fame and fortune...

... Kaley C hasn't had an orgasm since the first episode of Big Bang was aired.

... Jennifer A still hasn't had an orgasm since Friends finished.

... Denise R is having an orgasm in the threesome scene in Wild Things, again, she hasn't cum since.

... remember Rachel from S Club? Her orgasms are an even more distant memory for her.

... Emma W was locked up as soon as she was legally old enough during the HP movies, she has only had a handful of orgasms in her life and was locked up a virgin.

... Miley C seems a bit crazy and off the rails? She does not handle denial well. She was far too used to daily orgasms before fame took them all away.

... Jennifer L, lets just say her TTcB programming is more detailed and devious than the Hunger Games.

... Natalie P is a different story, she is more dominant and controls... Just kidding, Episode one was so long ago, she has almost forgotten what an orgasm feels like.

...Anna K was actually locked up before she was famous, you can tell from that naughty glint in her eye that she has always preferred sucking cock whilst teased to frustration over her own orgasms. Lucky for her that TTcB is never coming off.

...Ariana G has never experienced an orgasm. And now never will.

...Rachel W enjoyed that scene at the end of the second Mummy film, her desperation on camera was real, the TTcB was teasing her. She has felt no stimulation since.

...Scarlett J, lets just say she remembers Home Alone 3 better than you do, they offered her 'a six figure sum, which was extremely cool' (but also required a TTcB on her 18th birthday, she is still wearing it).

...Can you believe Well You Were Sleeping was filmed over 20 years ago? Neither can Sandra B, but unlike you, she thinks about filming that movie every day, her last orgasm was when they called 'thats a wrap'.

...Liv T oozes sex appeal in One Night at McCools, because she had already gone 6 years without orgasm, she spent 6 months being edged 8 hours a day as preparation for that role.

...Megan F is in the same boat, she regularly spends weeks on end being edged endlessly in preparation for a sexual role. It helps that she has been locked and orgasm free since Transformers.

...Kirsten D, we haven't seen much of her in the last few years, sure the internet says she is focusing on more independent films. But really she has been paying back the debt of success, for the last 5 years she has been on her knees in dressing rooms as an oral toy for male A list actors on set.

...Kate B spends all her free time working as a Pro Domme when she isn't shooting films, it's the only way she can let out some of the frustration of orgasm denial, her denial feels eternal, a bit like the life of a vampire.

...Jennifer LH found it very hard to act dominant in The Truth About Love, as part of her fame deal she spent all of her free time as a devoted submissive to a top director. Again the fact she hadn't had an orgasm since 1997 helped with the sexual nature of the role.

...Elizabeth H went through a lot of torment to gain the required overflow of sexual energy needed for Bedazzled. Let's just say there was over a year where she hardly left her bedroom due to the TTcB's daily edging quota.

...Eva M has a dominant personality and really struggles with denial, she spends so much time on her knees sucking off actors, nobody gives an angry denied Bj quite like she does.

...Gemma C did her research for Secret Diary by living as a denied submissive in a lifestyle dungeon for two years.

....Maggie G's super cute puppy dog eyes did not affect the severity of the TTcB programming that was exchanged for fame.

...Meg R's orgasm in the diner in 'When H met S' was not only a real orgasm, but she had three because they had to shoot the scene three times. She was pleased about that, they were her last ever orgasms.

... Don't even get me started on the GoT actresses, let's just say their TTcB settings are even more brutal than the GoT script. Emilia C is a great actress, behind those laughing eyes is an ever growing desperation and regret. Memories of the few short years of freedom to orgasm, and imagining the decades ahead of denial and fame. Fearing the day she leaves the spotlight to join the ranks of fading celebs on their knees in dressing rooms serving the new A lister's erections with their once famous lips. On the other hand Sophie T is only so good at acting the moody bitch because of the TTcB torment before every scene and the heckled reminders of her orgasmless future from her male co-stars.

Now you can watch your favourite shows in a different light. If you are reluctantly dragged to the theatre or are watching Made in Chelsea, your mind has so many new avenues to wander down...


  1. ...When Christina H. joined the cast of Firefly, she was advised that to prepare for the part of Saffron she agreee to wear a TTCB. The overwhelming sexual desire induced by the device could only enhance her portyal of the beautiful seductress and con-woman. It wasn't even a long-term contract: three appearances and she would be done with the TTCB forever. No orgasms and daily edgings over one, maybe two seasons in exchange for a major break. What could go wrong?

    Unfortunately for her, her orgasms were cancelled along with the show. By the time she heard they were going to wrap up the plot of Serenity with a movie, her heart leapt to know she would finally be free of the evil thing that had been tormenting her day and night for the past two years. Yet, for some reason Saffron's presence wasn't required in Serenity. The role never materialized, and the story was over with no way for her to ever play that role for the third time.

    Have you ever wondered why she was chosen to play Joan on Med Men? Joan was the office manager, the one who keeps the other women in their place. Her character represented the more traditional working woman and served as a stark contrast to Peggy Olson. Who better to cast as Joan than a woman who loved to shut down any woman she saw having too much fun? It became part of Christina's very nature for no other reason than she couldn't bear to watch anyone else have what she was permanently denied.

    She really was perfect in that role.

    Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out yet: If you ever wondered why anyone would even consider cancelling a show as good as Firefly, you now have your answer.

    1. ... That is the most logical and convincing argument I've ever heard for canceling Firefly. I can *almost* agree with it.


  2. nonmame from Texas says hi, still no touching, but I can't stay away from your blog